I Found out What Worked, when Seeing a Doctor Did Not Help

Most people find that they’re lucky and don’t have any major medical issues for much of their life, until they get older. I thought I was one of those people until someone hit my car with their car. Up to that point, I had been relatively pain free in life, and it was nice. But after it happened, I found myself suffering from pain on a daily basis. Frustrated with pain kills not working, I was directed by a family member to find a San Jose auto accident chiropractor to see if that would make a difference. I’m here to say that it is a really good thing that I listened.

I hate to mention that, prior to suffering from back troubles myself, I did not have much sympathy for people who claimed they could not do certain things because they were having back pain. But after dealing with it on a personal basis, I now know that I was wrong to think that way. Saying “My lower back is really hurting” to someone does not really signal how bad things can get. I found that people were dismissing me, just as I dismissed other people. And neither crying or moaning is something that is considered appropriate when you’re sitting in a business meeting with other professionals and find that you simply cannot sit without hurting.

I was going to my usual doctor for many months about the pain that I was feeling my lower back that came about after I was in the vehicle accident. Nothing was working. He mentioned the possibility of surgery to me, and that sounded ludicrous to me! So, seeing a chiropractor was my last resort in my eyes. I had heard about them, but had never been to one before. The one I went to provided me with almost instant relief.

Being Set Free from Pain

Pain is a part of life. We all experience pain from time to time but have you ever tried to live with perpetual pain? It’s the sort of pain that ebbs and flows in radiating waves throughout the entire day. Until last year, I couldn’t have recalled what life was like without that constant, agonizing companion known as back pain. Because I have spent so much time at the computer without exercising, I left my body susceptible to damage over the years. It was so bad that I made an appointment with a Phoenix chiropractor out of sheer desperation. Over the counter pain killers didn’t have any sort of impact on it and after being unable to go hiking with during a date i realized that I was too young to have this kind of pain and that there must be some sort of relief out there for me. Continue reading