I Need to Remain Active No Matter How Old I Am

My grandfather was the San Francisco chiropractor back in the 1970s. She’s really helped a lot of people feel better. Yes, despite the fact that my grandfather did this for a living, I have never gone to one before. For whatever reason, I continually went to doctors and found myself sometimes getting the help that I need it, and other times not getting the help that I needed it. Of course my best friend Ruiz Morgan told me many times that I should have gone to see a chiropractor every time that I had trouble with my back, instead of dealing with pain pills and not enough Solutions stop what was going on with me.

From a very young age, I was always active in a lot of sports. I played baseball, and I took martial arts for about 10 years. I played soccer, and I was even on the basketball team. Continue reading

I Want to Be As Active As Possible

I used to love going out with my friends and having fun with them. Sometimes we would just go to the movies and have dinner, and other times we would take 10 mile hikes and have picnics in remote and beautiful spots of nature. When I came back from one of our long bike rides, I felt pretty horrible, something that had never happened to me before. I decided to contact a chiropractor in Sacramento after the feeling did not go away after a couple of days and i had to say no to going on a hike of just a few miles with two of my closest friends.

That was the first time that ever happened. Continue reading