Employee Health Plan Saves Our Company Money

I make arrangements for my employees to get the best healthcare available. I encourage them to make good food choices by providing free breakfast and lunch to everyone. The menu is prepared by a nutritionist, and we have options for people who have chronic diseases. It is easy for people who have desk jobs to end up with chronic back pain, so I make sure to provide my employees with help from Valley Village chiropractors to keep them free of pain and feeling good.

Does it cost a lot of money to do this? Well, if you look at just the cost for providing this stuff, then yes. However, we calculated the before and after costs, because we did not always do this. The before costs were the loss of work hours, employees on leave for medical issues and other loss of production costs. When I got the idea to provide the better healthcare, we calculated what we were losing first.

The costs for providing the chiropractic, nutrition and other healthcare were calculated, but we subtracted the reduction in lost productivity. We were coming out ahead. We had far less lost time to viral infections, such as the cold and flu, along with increased productivity due to our healthy living promotions. Continue reading