Back Pain Can Be So Deceptively Tricky

I have learned over the years that it only takes one wrong move to hurt my back. I could lift heavy bags of concrete and not have any trouble other than a little soreness. I could walk for miles and do just about anything without any trouble. Then something as simple as leaning forward in a chair to pick something up off of the floor can wrench my back so I can barely move. I had one friend tell me he hurt his back reaching for a sock on the floor! We both go to the same Sacramento chiropractor, and we were comparing our war stories of back pain.

He has had about a dozen surgeries. I have had none. He has muscles on one side of his neck and shoulders that are more developed than the other side because of steady cramping. I have that too. The muscles on the left side cramp down so hard sometimes that it is excruciatingly painful. They stay flexed for so long they actually have gotten slightly bigger on that side. It is not even my strong side! My back pain is both muscular and nerve. I get that burning feeling that runs down my right leg into my foot. That can send me right up out of my chair even though my back is hurting.

I don’t get it. Some days I can bend forward and pick up something off of the floor with zero pain or discomfort. On other days it is like taking a long trip just to bend over far enough to pick something up off of the table next to the couch. Some days I can stand up quickly but have to sit down slowly because of the pain. Other days it even hurts to sit or recline. Other days it hurts in my upper back to remain standing. I am all over the place with it, but I do get relief from my chiropractor.

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