Employee Health Plan Saves Our Company Money

I make arrangements for my employees to get the best healthcare available. I encourage them to make good food choices by providing free breakfast and lunch to everyone. The menu is prepared by a nutritionist, and we have options for people who have chronic diseases. It is easy for people who have desk jobs to end up with chronic back pain, so I make sure to provide my employees with help from Valley Village chiropractors to keep them free of pain and feeling good.

Does it cost a lot of money to do this? Well, if you look at just the cost for providing this stuff, then yes. However, we calculated the before and after costs, because we did not always do this. The before costs were the loss of work hours, employees on leave for medical issues and other loss of production costs. When I got the idea to provide the better healthcare, we calculated what we were losing first.

The costs for providing the chiropractic, nutrition and other healthcare were calculated, but we subtracted the reduction in lost productivity. We were coming out ahead. We had far less lost time to viral infections, such as the cold and flu, along with increased productivity due to our healthy living promotions. Continue reading

I Need to Remain Active No Matter How Old I Am

My grandfather was the San Francisco chiropractor back in the 1970s. She’s really helped a lot of people feel better. Yes, despite the fact that my grandfather did this for a living, I have never gone to one before. For whatever reason, I continually went to doctors and found myself sometimes getting the help that I need it, and other times not getting the help that I needed it. Of course my best friend Ruiz Morgan told me many times that I should have gone to see a chiropractor every time that I had trouble with my back, instead of dealing with pain pills and not enough Solutions stop what was going on with me.

From a very young age, I was always active in a lot of sports. I played baseball, and I took martial arts for about 10 years. I played soccer, and I was even on the basketball team. Continue reading

I Want to Be As Active As Possible

I used to love going out with my friends and having fun with them. Sometimes we would just go to the movies and have dinner, and other times we would take 10 mile hikes and have picnics in remote and beautiful spots of nature. When I came back from one of our long bike rides, I felt pretty horrible, something that had never happened to me before. I decided to contact a chiropractor in Sacramento after the feeling did not go away after a couple of days and i had to say no to going on a hike of just a few miles with two of my closest friends.

That was the first time that ever happened. Continue reading

I Found out What Worked, when Seeing a Doctor Did Not Help

Most people find that they’re lucky and don’t have any major medical issues for much of their life, until they get older. I thought I was one of those people until someone hit my car with their car. Up to that point, I had been relatively pain free in life, and it was nice. But after it happened, I found myself suffering from pain on a daily basis. Frustrated with pain kills not working, I was directed by a family member to find a San Jose auto accident chiropractor to see if that would make a difference. I’m here to say that it is a really good thing that I listened.

I hate to mention that, prior to suffering from back troubles myself, I did not have much sympathy for people who claimed they could not do certain things because they were having back pain. But after dealing with it on a personal basis, I now know that I was wrong to think that way. Saying “My lower back is really hurting” to someone does not really signal how bad things can get. I found that people were dismissing me, just as I dismissed other people. And neither crying or moaning is something that is considered appropriate when you’re sitting in a business meeting with other professionals and find that you simply cannot sit without hurting.

I was going to my usual doctor for many months about the pain that I was feeling my lower back that came about after I was in the vehicle accident. Nothing was working. He mentioned the possibility of surgery to me, and that sounded ludicrous to me! So, seeing a chiropractor was my last resort in my eyes. I had heard about them, but had never been to one before. The one I went to provided me with almost instant relief.

Being Set Free from Pain

Pain is a part of life. We all experience pain from time to time but have you ever tried to live with perpetual pain? It’s the sort of pain that ebbs and flows in radiating waves throughout the entire day. Until last year, I couldn’t have recalled what life was like without that constant, agonizing companion known as back pain. Because I have spent so much time at the computer without exercising, I left my body susceptible to damage over the years. It was so bad that I made an appointment with a Phoenix chiropractor out of sheer desperation. Over the counter pain killers didn’t have any sort of impact on it and after being unable to go hiking with during a date i realized that I was too young to have this kind of pain and that there must be some sort of relief out there for me. Continue reading

What Are the Symptoms of Gluten Intolerance?

It seems more and more people are finding that they are intolerant to gluten but often they don’t realize gluten is even the problem until they have exhausted multiple options looking for the right answers. Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and it has become associated with over 50 known diseases. It’s been estimated by the United States Government that upwards of 15% of Americans have a gluten intolerance and are never properly diagnosed. So, what are the gluten intolerance symptoms you should be on the lookout for?

Many times gluten intolerance shows up in digestive problems such as constipation, bloating and diarrhea. Among children constipation seems to be the one symptom that occurs more often. Another issue that can present itself after eating a gluten products is fatigue, a feeling of tiredness that you just can’t seem to shake and isn’t associated with your normal sleep routine. Keratosis Pilaris, also known as chicken skin, is a serious sign of gluten intolerance. Continue reading

Dancing Our Way to Hawaii

My wife and I decided to enter a dance marathon at the local community center. Couples would have to dance for 8 hours without stopping, and the winning couple would win a trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. Proceeds from the marathon would go to a local charity. My wife and I practiced our dance moves for the marathon, and I tried to do an impressive move and threw my back out. My wife wanted us to give up on the contest, but that trip to Hawaii was too tempting to pass up. We hurried to a Mesa chiropractor for help.

I had 4 days from the time I broke my back until the day of the contest to heal. The chiropractor told me that my back would heal normally, I just needed to rest for two days, giving me enough time to participate in the marathon. Continue reading

The Reason I Went to a Chiropractor

I had very little energy, and I could not figure out what was wrong. I knew that I was stressed, but I didn’t think it was to the point of being tired all of the time. I talked to my doctor about it, and she told me that stress can absolutely have that kind of effect on a person. She wanted to rule out other things too though, and she thought the best thing I could do was to see an Alexandria chiropractor after the tests she ran came back showing nothing was wrong.

She suspected that it could be something within my joints or nerves, and she explained that a chiropractor would be able to help me with that more than anything she could do. She further explained that she could treat the symptoms, but a chiropractor would be able to find out what is wrong and treat the cause. It sounded a lot better to me that whatever was causing me to be so tired was able to be found out rather than just treating my tired symptom, so I went ahead and made an appointment with the chiropractor that my sister uses for her adjustments. Continue reading

I Needed to Build My Muscles

When I decided to get into better shape, I knew that my work was cut out for me. I was only a few pounds overweight, but I had very little muscle so it probably appeared I was worse off than I actually was. I wanted to build my muscle mass as quickly as possible, so I decided to look at various supplements to see which one could help me the most. I didn’t have to look too far. I found Somatodrol, which is a supplement that not only stimulates muscle mass but it increases it too.

I had already done a lot of research on the best way to approach my goal of getting more muscle. I knew that I had to eat better, lift and let my muscles recover before I subjected them to more lifting. That is one thing that I really like about the Somatodrol supplements that I take now. Continue reading

From Health Scare to Healthy

I like to think that Garcinia Cambogia has helped save my life. I used to be one of those people who was serverely overweight. I wasn’t bedridden and unable to move like those people who are shown on television, but I was pretty fat. I could barely walk for long periods of time, and getting up a single flight of stair was nearly impossible for me. I had body pains every day. Living my life was a complete nightmare, but there wasn’t a lot that I could do. I couldn’t do any rigorous exercise programs because I would have more pain. I couldn’t afford liposuction either.

I stumbled onto the Garcinia Cambogia supplement one day online while browsing some websites. There was an ad for the product and I clicked it by accident. It was a happy accident, because I learned more about the supplement, and ordered some that same day. I started taking it, and tried to eat less of the foods that I had been eating before. The supplement made it possible to eat less because it reduced my cravings. I was able to go for longer periods of time without eating so much, and I had less on my plate.

Slowly but surely, I lost weight because of the supplement. I had more energy throughout the day, and I was finally able to walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like I was going to pass out. It was like some kind of health miracle. Eventually I stopped having so many body pains, and I was able to start doing light exercise. I began by walking a little bit, and that progressed to slightly jogging. Then I started running, and eventually I started cycling. I now go to the gym and use the weight sets to keep my body healthy.

Back Pain Can Be So Deceptively Tricky

I have learned over the years that it only takes one wrong move to hurt my back. I could lift heavy bags of concrete and not have any trouble other than a little soreness. I could walk for miles and do just about anything without any trouble. Then something as simple as leaning forward in a chair to pick something up off of the floor can wrench my back so I can barely move. I had one friend tell me he hurt his back reaching for a sock on the floor! We both go to the same Sacramento chiropractor, and we were comparing our war stories of back pain.

He has had about a dozen surgeries. I have had none. He has muscles on one side of his neck and shoulders that are more developed than the other side because of steady cramping. I have that too. Continue reading