Dancing Our Way to Hawaii

My wife and I decided to enter a dance marathon at the local community center. Couples would have to dance for 8 hours without stopping, and the winning couple would win a trip to Hawaii, all expenses paid. Proceeds from the marathon would go to a local charity. My wife and I practiced our dance moves for the marathon, and I tried to do an impressive move and threw my back out. My wife wanted us to give up on the contest, but that trip to Hawaii was too tempting to pass up. We hurried to a Mesa chiropractor for help.

I had 4 days from the time I broke my back until the day of the contest to heal. The chiropractor told me that my back would heal normally, I just needed to rest for two days, giving me enough time to participate in the marathon. He gave me some medicine that would help speed up the healing process a little. Sitting on the sidelines while I waited for my back to get better wasn’t enjoyable, but I’m glad that my back wasn’t in worse shape. At least my wife and I could still dance and have a chance at the free trip.

By the day of the marathon, my back was in perfect working order. I wanted to try out my fancy move again, but my wife suggested that I don’t, or else I might throw my back out again. A lot of couples showed up for the marathon. There was a table with a punch bowl and refreshments for the dancers. In the first hour of dancing, many of the couples had gotten tired and stopped dancing. My wife and I had the stamina to dance longer than the other couples. The final hour came down to a battle between my wife and me and a much older couple. The older couple eventually gave up and we won.

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